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Director Desk

Sharda World School

Mr. Sumer Choudhary


Message From The Head Of School

At Alpha Bal Acadmey, we aspire to offer the highest standards of teaching and learning with the aim of preparing students to become lifelong learners and achievers.

We are committed to providing our students ample opportunities and a wide variety of facilities that will help them become well-groomed personalities with enough courage, compassion, and confidence to face an ever-changing, highly demanding, and multicultural world. We wish to let our children stand tall in the contemporary world rooted in this nation's glorious history and diverse traditions.

Our approach is to impart education and create a sense of enlightenment, the magnitude of which is well capable of establishing an individual's development to the highest level. We take this concept forward by gradually unraveling our student's inner potential through the right mix of academia and other related activities for enriched living.

"Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all," said Aristotle. The management, staff, and teachers shall work together relentlessly, keeping every student's best interests at heart, and shall strive to raise happy children in a safe environment.

We also seek the cooperation and involvement of parents in the pursuit of excellence. On our part, we shall make consistent efforts to apprise you of your ward's progress and performance and shall also address all your concerns and queries.

I assure you that together, along with the blessings of the Almighty, we shall provide our students the best foundation on which they can build the life of their dreams.